Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Tai Ji Star

Also known as Tai Chi Star.

It can be considered as spiritual Nobleman star, although most people are concerned about wealth ,and use it as a measure of status and achievement ,yet others- although few- can see religion and spirituality as a more precious value that should be traced instead.

In our materialistic world many can disagree with that view, but that is the world of spirituality where wealth is not the most important thing to pursue, there are other simple things in life are more morally valuable and meaningful to pursue instead.

When this star appears in bazi, it implies a person with great intuition, tendency towards spirituality, and a person who is not much affected by abrupt and accidental circumstances.

The person has different vision than common people, and can be much interested and understanding to metaphysics, astrology… etc, that may be of no or little interest to others.

Since Metaphysics and feng shui rely mostly on spirituality, absence of this star is not a good indicator to guarantee success and progress in that field.

Having more stars in your chart, is not very much auspicious, as it also points to major sad or tragic events that can occur frequently in life.