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Heavenly Stem
Metal +

Direct Officer

Wood -

Day Master

Metal -

Qi Sha

Water +

Direct Resource

Earthly Branch





Na Yin
Symbolic Stars Sword Star, mentor, Master Spirit, void mentor, Six Adversities Heavenly Virtue, Solitary Star, Travelling Horse, Robbery Star Sword Star, Robbery Star
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Category Description
Direct Resource
Water +
Direct Resource and Indirect Resource belong to Resource group.
Resource is represented by an element that creates, nurtures, nourishes, and strengthens the Day Master.
They are the ones who analyze, think before they decide, like questions, they excel in the professions that need such talents, such as trade and engineering .., their negatives lies in that they are slow which makes them prone to losing opportunities.
They complain a lot, furthermore they have the tendency to micro-manage and be cautious. Useful to others with their ideas, and are considered good advisers. Unfortunately although they are beneficial for people, and offer them ideas to create their wealth, yet rarely for themselves.

Direct Resource belongs to Resource group.
It is the element that creates the Day Master but has an opposite polarity.
Direct Resource is like a mother that selflessly takes care of her children. In life, it presents itself to us through people, matters and locations that offer us or our Day Master support, protection, education, care and unconditional love.
The person is civilized, refined, kind and educated.
Direct Resource represents an individual’s origin, culture, family reputation, generally accepted conventional level of education or knowledge, social position, an individual`s ability to contribute to society by respecting social principles and personal manners.
Qi Sha
Metal -
Direct Officer and Qi Sha/Seven Killings belong to Power/Influence group.
Power/Influence is a controlling component of the Day Master.
They are the best people to carry out the instructions, diplomats and no one opposed. Therefore, they must find those who support, as a successful president of course, because they succeed when he succeeds, and this applies in marriage as well.

Qi Sha/ Seven Killing belongs to Power/Influence group.
It is the element that controls Day Master and has the same polarity.
Seven Killing reduces the power of The Day master more than Direct Officer, as it also brings stress, anxiety, and massive damage. If the self-will and the Seven Killing arrogance diminish, Seven Killing can turn into a respectable authority with the power to find solutions in difficult situations. A person who has Seven Killing feels alive when in a stressful and dynamic environment and is the exact opposite of a direct boss; He is bold, wants change, competes, welcomes everything new and is an example of unconventional aggressive leadership.
Seven Killing is aggressive and strong by nature. We find it in occupations that require combat, aggressiveness and strength.
Seven Killing is a trademark of the movie's superheroes who drives the people. Rambo's campaign of Rebellion, Insurgency and Murder is a good example of Seven Kills. If someone wants to be on top of a job, they need Seven Killing, because you need to eliminate competition and the person who has Seven Killing is able to do that.
Rob Wealth
Wood +
Friend and Rob Wealth belong to Parallel/Companion group.
The Parallel / companion is an item similar to the Day Master (DM) and represents the individual himself, His personal identity and sense of self-worth.
They are the most capable people in persuading others to do something; they help you to find the right network of people for the work you want. They have strong wills, and their negatives lies in that they are usually not ready. They have to learn more communication and conversation skills, cause they will succeed to a large degree when they put more effort and get prepared, this will undoubtedly not only help them but will benefit those who work with them as well, thus succeed in the fastest way.

Rob Wealth belongs to Parallel/Companion group.
It is the element similar to the Day Master but with opposite polarity.
They are governed by a yin / yang relationship. A person with a Rob Wealth component is sociable, independent, and an individual that can engage with others in skillful speech.
Rob Wealth, like the Hurting Officer, has a somewhat of an edge in the modern era that a person can climb high with resilience, charisma, communication, seduction, and bragging. For example, many movie stars have Rob Wealth in their Bazi chart- although in traditional societies these characteristics have been attributed in their ancient, traditional sense, to social climbers, adventurers and thieves.
Rob Wealth has infinite social capabilities and can speak and persuade, easily uses social connections and asks for help when needed. Someone with Rob Wealth feels at home in this modern tech community. Rob Wealth represents the pinnacle of corporate and personal success.