Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Travelling Horse

Also known as: Sky Horse, Travel, Horse Star

Some People are destined to travel or move more than others, looking at their bazi, it will be of no surprise to discover that they have travelling horse star!

If it is found in your bazi, or luck pillar, It indicates that you would have various opportunities to travel overseas (or long distances) for work, entertainment, or even migration.

Traveling Star is an energy that brings disruptive movement, it’s important to remember that it mostly promotes positive changes in your life.

Traveling Star energy encourages you to let go, try new things, and make important changes in your life in such a way that will only enhance and improve your life for many years to come.

If traveling star is favorable to your chart, you are likely to leave hometown for wealth and make it big (hence dislikes clashing or combination), If unfavorable, you work hard and hectically for money.

If it is in conflict with the self-element, then it can be concluded that this person might always be on the move all life and does not settle in one place for long

When the traveling horse is not present in bazi but arrives from the luck cycle, it implies a period of relocations, extended periods of time away from home, and even having a home that doesn’t feel like home.

Unfortunately, this star weakens favorable stars accompanying it in the pillar and aggravates unfavorable stars.

The outcome of travel horses can be good or bad, soldiers, businessmen, homeless people all have travel horses.

In modern world, for most people, having travel horse is a benefit in general, it means the person can have more experiences and more opportunities in their life, imagine person without change in life!

This star is derived from Day/Year Branch, but mainly the Day.