I am an engineer that holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering from Cairo University - Egypt, postgraduate diplomas in computer science from the American University in Cairo, and the Council of Ministers Information Center. She worked in the field of software development in highly qualified and distinguished software agencies and companies such as the IDSC, Fujitsu, Orascom, Solutions Plus, and finally as a Senior Developer / Director of Management at the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones. Since a young age I have been very fascinated with astrology, Western and Chinese. I have also been exploring and reading from different sources in this field, and I have subscribed to some online training courses related to Astrology and Bazi, especially Joy Yap and now his advisor Iverson Lee, I also translated site that was owned by
Wojciech Jach (Voytek)
This Site impressed me with its accuracy and details. As I am keen on presenting and spreading this Science to the Arabs, -there are many here interested in metaphysics, but unfortunately the language stands in the way of many,-so I found that this was a good opportunity to inform our Arab nation more about this wonderful field. Now I have became one of the partners of the largest Bazi sites on the Internet:
Bazi Partners
Being a developer of programs and acquiring Bazi’s knowledge, in addition to my desire to let our Arab world know more about that great and amazing science, encouraged me to start creating a site for Bazi that provides some readings and explanations for beginners, and it is my pleasure to do my best to grow the site and to provide new day after day. To find more about the site’s owner visit this Link:

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