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Heavenly Stem
Fire -

Indirect Wealth

Water -

Day Master

Earth -

Qi Sha

Water +

Rob Wealth

Earthly Branch





Na Yin
Symbolic Stars Tai Ji Star, Nobleman, void Flying Knife, Funeral Gate, Travelling Horse, mentor, Death Star, Ten enlightened days Heavenly Virtue, void Golden Carriage, Disputes, Solitary Star, Death Star, mentor, Six Adversities
Day Master Strengh-DM
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Top Three Scores Interpretation Of Birth Chart
Category Description
Indirect Resource-IR
Metal -
Resource is represented by an element that creates, nurtures, nourishes, and strengthens the Day Master.

They are the ones who analyze, think before they decide, like questions, they excel in the professions that need such talents, such as trade and engineering .., their negatives lies in that they are slow which makes them prone to losing opportunities.

They complain a lot, furthermore they have the tendency to micro-manage and be cautious. Useful to others with their ideas, and are considered good advisers. Unfortunately although they are beneficial for people, and offer them ideas to create their wealth, yet rarely for themselves.

Indirect Resource is the element that creates the Day Master but has the same polarity; they are governed by a Yin/Yin or Yang/Yang relationship.

They have developed a relationship of less pleasant creation, as the Indirect Resource works as a replacement mother, stepmother or non-classical support.

In life, it presents itself through people, matters and locations that offer us or our Day Master protection, education, care and love, but in a more non-traditional and unconventional way.

The person likes to explore.

Indirect Resource represents unconventional, alternative, eccentric or even education, upbringing and behavior.

It represents the different knowledge, actions and way of thinking of an individual that differs from the ordinary and general accepted.

Qi Sha-Qs
Earth -
Influence is a controlling component of the Day Master.

They are the best people to carry out the instructions, diplomats and no one opposed. Therefore, they must find those who support, as a successful president of course, because they succeed when he succeeds, and this applies in marriage as well.

Qi Sha/ Seven Killing is the element that controls Day Master and has the same polarity.

Seven Killing reduces the power of The Day master more than Direct Officer, as it also brings stress, anxiety, and massive damage. If the self-will and the Seven Killing arrogance diminish, Seven Killing can turn into a respectable authority with the power to find solutions in difficult situations. A person who has Seven Killing feels alive when in a stressful and dynamic environment and is the exact opposite of a direct boss; He is bold, wants change, competes, welcomes everything new and is an example of unconventional aggressive leadership.

Seven Killing is aggressive and strong by nature. We find it in occupations that require combat, aggressiveness and strength.

Seven Killing is a trademark of the movie's superheroes who drives the people. Rambo's campaign of Rebellion, Insurgency and Murder is a good example of Seven Kills. If someone wants to be on top of a job, they need Seven Killing, because you need to eliminate competition and the person who has Seven Killing is able to do that.

Indirect Wealth-IW
Fire -
Wealth Structure people tend to dominate and control everything in the house and husband / wife. They see themselves as the best in doing things, doers and always take the initiative.

They judge people on a permanent basis and chase them with mistakes, set goals for them, but they do not express their feelings. They want to excel, and therefore they are one of the most vulnerable people to stress for their nervousness.

They have a high sense of responsibility, everything must be planned and controlled.

Indirect Wealth is the element controlled by the Day Master but of the same polarity

Indirect wealth creates competitive wealth and represents real estate owned by a person or indirect, uncertain and variable sources of wealth. A person with indirect fortunes has a desire for control, judgment and supremacy, but he is not persistent and is less associated with losses and gains. They have a quick mind and find fast solutions and adjustments. Direct wealth as compared to indirect wealth is a more possessive and stable form, while indirect wealth is possessive, but with less persistence and openness.

Indirect wealth represents an adventure or making money through calculating and opportunism. A person earns from indirect sources of income. Someone who knows how to handle money. It also happens that a person is poor and becomes rich or a person with insight offers a new way of meeting certain needs. Great success and profits can be achieved through indirect wealth , with something unconventional or through gambling that can make a person rich overnight. A person likes to do more for himself than for others.