Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha

Also known as: heaven void, death and emptiness, or the star of void.

The void star causes the representations of earthly branches to reverse, i.e. It results in reversals from good to bad or vice versa.

The meanings are not necessarily bad: Death and Emptiness means that the Branch is not able to support the Stem, however, if the branch is unfavorable (a Stressful Star) to begin with, then the influence is negated, which helps a person to get rid of its negative effects. The opposite is also true, and the overall effect is like the pillar with the death or emptiness branch has taken a holiday, and has come useless.

If found in:

Month Pillar: can indicate separation from family, and no supporting siblings, or siblings are weak or sick; little luck during young adulthood.

Year: exclusion from society or no blessing/ inheritance from older generations; also means tough or difficult childhood with little or no love and care.

Day: weak or no support from spouse; problems in marriage; also little luck during middle age.

Hour: An isolated person, with their thoughts, can't connect, or instead can indicate a person who works alone, gets no help from children or children are weakling or die prematurely; little luck during old age.

However there are many applications and interpretations about void branch.

We can look at, through na-yin prospective also as follows:

When a metal vessel is empty-void this gives unhindered sounding, and is good for jobs that require speaking and communication. Sound is heard.

When water is in void, it means clearness. So it means intelligence and righteousness.

When earth is in void, it collapses, so it is not good.

When fire is in void, wind blows in and becomes flaming and gives out light. This is considered as auspicious.

When wood is in void, this is more difficult. Wood needs support to survive, and it withers and dies without it. It is an image of loneliness, it breaks.

Another way of analysis of void branch is to check the branch from transformation star prospective of a pillar as follows:

1-Friend in void: little or no support from siblings or siblings are not helpful or poor relation; no or little support from husband or wife.

2- Rob wealth in void no support from siblings; problems in accumulating wealth; prone to wasting money.

3. Hurting Officer in void: few children or no kid; marital problem or remarry.

4. Eating God in void: little luck and frustrations from life generally.

5. Direct Wealth in void: problems in accumulating wealth; toiling hard for money; lacking relationship with wife; late marriage; no family harmony.

6. Indirect Wealth in void: poor relation with father; no unpredictable wealth luck.

7. Direct Officer in void: little wealth from government jobs; not adequate for having children difficult for a man, and relation can suffer for a woman.

8. Qi-sha void: little/no support from managers and bosses; DM has no authority or influence; few children for male, poor relationship with husband for female.

9. Direct Resource in void: problems in gaining authority and education successes.

10. Indirect Resource in void: problems in getting success in academia or school.

The void is temporary and can be compensated if the branch that appears in year or 10 year luck cycle, is in combination or clash with birth branch.

This star is derived from Day or Year Branch.