Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Sword Star

Also known as: Goat Blade, Yang Knife, Sword.

This star suggests someone who has a very aggressive and deep attitude towards life.

People who possess this star will tend to speak up in favor of weak people and defend them than themselves, even if it is harmful.

Those with the sword star will do well as trade union leaders or leaders of political opposition parties.

This star brings charisma and power.

People who possess this star in their birth chart can be said to possess hard-headed mind, they are also strong-willed, impatient and violent.

Weak self-element will promote the positive nature of this star, but a strong one will show its negative attributes.

When this star is favorable in your chart (e.g. weak day master), you gain respect and admiration from people in your surroundings, brings added confidence and success, and helps you to achieve your goals.

If it has either its secret friend or ally present in the earthly branch as well, there are more benefits.

When this star is not favorable (e.g. when your self-element is strong) personal relationships will be bad, as your peers, friends, relatives and people in your network explain your determination and will as arrogance and self-centeredness, there will be a high inclination for people finding fault with you.

When sword star encounters combination or conflict, it is activated (the sword moves), which means a greater possibility of injury or aggression.

As the name implies the star's effect is much stronger in people whose Day Master is yang, in yin people the star is less effective, and if it lies on a heavenly void, then the effects can be reversed.

This star is derived from Day Stem (Day Master).