Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Flower Of Romance

Also known as: Salty Pool, HS Peach Blossom, Peach Blossom.

Flower of romance is a mixed influence, good or bad depending on the other influences and elements.

When the flower of romance appears on the month or year branch, it is considered as ‘inside Peach Blossom’ it is determined that this person would enjoy internal romance which indicates a blessing relationship between spousal partners.

If appearing at the Day or Hour, it will be considered as ‘external Peach Blossom’, which tends toward extramarital affairs, the personality has an inclination towards lust relations, wine, women and song.

It also denotes dissolute romantic behavior, a materialistic personality and wasting of money.

If the star's branch is favorable, star brings successful relationships, finding the right partner, when the flower of romance star arrives in the bazi luck cycles, it can lead to either marriage opportunities with suitable partners for singles or a certain period of happiness in marriage for couples.

The star brings attractiveness and can mean success in marketing, PR, sales (a person can attract not only romance but also customers).

On the contrary, many romance stars in bazi chart can produce sometimes-greedy people, and those who are more emotionally unstable.

This star is also derived from Day or Year Branch.